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Joe Kilpatrick has been involved in construction, landscape design and installations since 1979. Joe initially created putting greens similiar to a golf course. However, the residential customer was not able to maintain them. He then started making putting greens with a concrete base and using an indoor and outdoor carpet. The two major problems with this application were that there was no control of the speed of the ball and the green did not have a true ball bounce. Joe knew there was a demand for a high quality synthetic grass putting green and lawns, for residential and commercial application. After many years of trial and error, Joe feels that he has found the best synthetic grass. A grass that will look and play like real grass. It looks so good that he has had individuals ask..."What kind of fertilizer to you use?" With our extensive background in landscaping we can provide you a total package that is very functional and very attractive. Our specialty is high quality putting greens and tee lines. In addition, we can install drainage, irrigation, landscaping, rock edging, and flagstone.

We can design a putting green that will offer you the chance to improve your game as well as enhance the appearance of your backyard living environment. We can offer you the opportunity to practice the following shots:

  • Left to right break
  • Right to left break
  • Bunker shot
  • Chip shot
  • Down hill
  • Up hill
  • Level


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